Monday, June 29, 2015

you have to be strong

the semester has ended. college life can definitely be stressful, hard and will sometime makes me cry. nobody said it was easy, I am here to say it is really true.  what I really love about last semester is the decision that I made to follow own rhythm till I met some new good friends. I like how we can get so close and they were very concerned about me; my studies, health, safety, and relationship. I love how we share joy and sorrow, I love how we wait one another before going to places, I love how we look for one another, care about each other, laugh at everyone's joke, and stay keep in touch. I do enjoy spending my time with friends but I must say more time is used to get Ben and I together, to do things together. I am grateful that I can spend time with friends as well without compromising my time with Ben. friends were also very supportive and were such darling when they often included Ben in any conversation. so for that, I felt truly blessed!

on the last day before we went back to our hometown respectively, we have decided to take pictures and spend the day together as how we always do at the end of each semester. on that day, I wore white because the weather was very hot yet so pleasantly beautiful. I got a text message from Ben before I left home; he was asking me what shirt color I wore, so he could wore the same color shirt too. isn't he so cute and the sweetest!

we did some window shopping at the city, watched movie; things what we love and just usually do and matters. we breaking the fast at pizzas. I am more in love with the boy every single day tho we have dissimilar priorities and wildly different thought but I think it is part of the process. we are still learning how to be together. sometime it was very stressful but also really really fun. we love what we do. we love love that requires two strong person, who willing to sacrifice, going through all the obstacles together, and put on so so so much faith on each other. because strong love just like that.

I love that every time I did something positive or good, the boy would say, "good girl, sayang" :D he says it with a very heartwarming tone. I can't explain the feeling. it just made me wanted to do all good so I would keep getting those words, often!

you, you're a good boy too :)

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