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Friday, January 30, 2015

another new year and another happy birthday

first post in 2015.

hey you guys! its January 30th today and now here I am wishing you a very happy new year. I knew it was too little too late already but legend say better than never what?!

another year has arrive. time to pick your fancy favourite pens and a new book (of course) to write down things that you want to achieve, your goals or things you want to do to make the year better than before.

yay you nay me.

I’ve seen a lot of you guys posting your new year resolution here in social media, while I sip my warm cadbury drink as I don’t have any because I don’t do any. I’ve been talked and discussed about new year resolution with the boy in a few last day in 2014 and to my shock, he was also  don’t have any. emkay not that really shock lah but (excited?) plus unexpected we got this thing in common whoah whoah I don’t know what that’s really called.

so yes, no new year resolution. whatevs, throughout the year I’m just gonna do what I want to do. wait, don’t get me wrong. I don’t say making new resolution is bullshit. I have read a lot about new year resolution posted in social media  and I must say I enjoy reading them. but that kind of thing never works on me so it’s nonsense lah baik aku tak payah buat hahaha. I believe what is important to you can be meaningless to another, as what is important to me can be meaningless to you too, kan? so don’t judge, let everyone do whatever they want to do emkay? :) 

second photo of 2015, taken on January 2nd. 

the first photo was posted in my instagram account captioned “another happy new year. I walked out to face the people”.  first day of new year was very stressful with lots of problem but I choose to remember only happy things. so to release some stress, the boy brought me hanging out and strolling around the city, had our dinner at McDonald and the boy bought me the first character of kitty bubbly world and said “this is for your birthday gift”. and as I remember, I am so happy with the advance birthday gift. I clearly aware it was just a plushie. I’m not a high demand person tho, I can find joy in every little things :) 

as I grow up lah. I simplicate my mentality which allow myself to feel joy in everything and soak myself in them. is simplicate is even a word? lolol. 

as usual in every year,  I started the first day of  new year with countdown from ten to one because the tenth day was my birthday. I had practically no plans tho. I didn’t prepare any special outfit and I remember I spent the morning being lazy on my bed.  I thought I just want to spend the day home-ing, relaxing, no books, no study, no any thought about final examination for a day because its my birthday what?!

in the evening, mama come to city and surprised me with a whole yummy birthday cake. thankyou mummy!

the boy surprised me with another two wrapped gifts!! eee, I love surprises!! I don’t expect I would receive another gifts from the boy because he said the kitty character that he bought earlier is my birthday gift what, plus I assumed the birthday treat that he spent me on my birthday is a birthday gift from him as well, I don't expect more so emmm….thank you bunny!

other than talking about us, me is getting tua and the tengok wayang plan need to be cancelled because mummy pesan jangan balik lewat (mummy sleepover at my house for a night), I barely can’t remember what we talk while waiting for the food being served but I remember I said…I love their (nandos) lighting.

no people, we are not that meanie. saya sudah pujuk mummy banyak kali to join us having dinner outside but mummy refused. bunny cakap mungkin mummy mahu bagi kami chance ngedate lah tu, hehek!

we both agreed their fries was the best :)

I received a lot of sweet birthday wishes from friends and relatives through facebook, wechat, whatsapp oh you know lah kan “us” these day.  my most favorite is from Wina, my friend since the middle school. we were now taking the same course in the university :)

her wishes goes like; 

“happy birthday sumandak. may god bless you, success and stay cute (add lots of whatsapp’s fruits and vegetables emoticon here)”

isn’t it obvious you guys? usually people send love, or kisses emoticon what?!

so I replied;

“thank you Wina. banyaknya buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran”

Wina replied;

“bajet 2015. supaya ko sihat. hahah”

LOLOL! this girl ah! (you'll get the joke if you can relate) 

birthday wishes from the boy MUST BE my favorite too. he wish me many times lah. on the phone, to my face, in the car along the way to the mall to have dinner, and posted my photo at his social media with caption “maaf sebab aku tak romantik. happy birthday sayang”.

that gives me teary a bit. I thought the boy tried real hard. no boy, I don’t want romantic. I just want us to be true. 

moreover, I don’t want you to be romantic. mungkin sebab tak biasa, so when you try to be one, I geli lah you wakakaka. so just be you okay?

anyway, I appreciate every little wishes from you guys ahh. thank you for making some afford to write and say something on my birthday!

as I reached 22, I wish;
  • my face will never look like my real age, even younger pleaseeee.
  • may I find the perfect shade of lipstick.

hmm, for this moment I can only think of this two! lolol!

yes I’m 22. age is just a number kannn youuu peopleee. I am still young at heart I mentioned it in my bio at the side bar hahaha.

I will blog about birthday gift from mom, dad, and the boy in another post. stay tune! :)

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Friday, December 19, 2014

blow up the dust

yeah, I abandoned my blog in November, with no any entry, no any updates. I don't even have time to log in into the dashboard. I guess if my blog is a real diary book there must be some sprinkles of dust on the top. btw hello everyone, I'm still alive. still hanging around here?

that was Benny driving.  he loves dressed sexy lately.

what a tough semester guys. a lot of assignments were given but only managed to find a slight of reference materials, what to do? dapat markah nanti redha saja lah. plus, I faced so many health problems and last month was the worst. I skipped so many classes but due to so many group meeting and presentations,  I still need to wake up and get dressed as usual. except, I don’t do my everyday makeup and refused to wear contact lenses because I get paranoid thinking about what if I get so sick and get fainted with my lenses on? walking slow with pale face and short sighted, I thought all days I must be looked like a zombie.

I hate that last few weeks I get super moody and grumpy. I guess it is because the pressures that life brings to me.

I regret that very much, that moody and grumpy thingies.

because it was terrible, like very terrible guys.  I am stupid enough to shout over the boy for any small mistakes either made by me or him to release the burdens. so when the boy get angry (too) and went away, I was left to my own devices and felt so lonely. I just realize that I rely for happiness, entertainment, get my jobs done, and almost everything on that boy way too much. so when he is not around, I become a hermit.

I wonder if the boy feels the same way too.

I learned love should allow you and the other person to make mistakes and is still there in the end. I learned that my boyfriend is only human. in fact, everyone is. he is not perfect and I am so, sooo far from being perfect myself. silly me and silly you (too) Benny! how can we easily forgot that human makes mistakes and that’s okay! in the end of the day you are still the ones that filled my tummy with so much joy and it was always my smile that can makes you so yearning.

also, I love that I learnt if something is important to me, I should get the thing done myself. like if I want something, it was me who should work hard to get them in my hand. if I want to go to somewhere, it was me who should get my ass off to go to the places. so at least, if the thing doesn't work like how I desired it to be, I have no one to blame but myself.

however, all those difficult times that we went through together is what make us grow. we both discovered that hard times can help us learn how to appreciate a person or things even more. we all have those moments when things are not quite right. some things were not even make sense at all. sometimes we all have to feel alone and frightened before we can appreciate.

not just about love and lover thingies lah, we should appreciate mummy daddy (too), family, good friends, and anyone or everything in our surrounding. I hope you can relate!

my first met w Ben's mummy and daddy earlier this month

anyway, one most important thing that I learnt is, we should never give up on person we love. I mean like why let go something that you once wanted? kan??!!

final examination is just about a week after today, by now I shall start get my nose on books and notes! good luck to me, Benny, and to you too! I hope everyone will pass with flying colors! 

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