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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

selamat hari raya!

me, and Nanda 

know I was late but still want to wish all muslems HAPPY EID ALMUBAROKAH! may Allah accept our good deeds, and may Allah's peace and blessing be upon us today and always. I hope everyone had a very happy and meaningful Eid. 

in a few days before raya, mummy told me about a very heartbreaking broadcast that she recently watched. it was about our brothers and sisters in another countries had to kill cats and dogs for food. (I don't want to quote where and why they suffer and had to do such things because it was just very heartbreaking).  they really had nothing left to eat. some even tore every boxes they found into small pieces to be cooked as soup. can you imagine how sad and terrible was that? :( 

sentap yarabbi bila mama cerita pasal tu. especially part the mommies feed their starving children with only kertas yang dimasak seperti sup. they don't have home, they don't have food :(:( I feel very sorry and guilty. I've been whining and complaining so many times about the water supply problem that us people faced almost in the whole ramadhan here. how are we going to bath? how are we going to wash the dishes? how are we going to mop the floor? how are we going to celebrate the feast?....I say. meanwhile there are people who suffer more.... how lucky we're here kan - - at least we don't have to sip strips of paper soup untuk berbuka puasa dan jamuan hari raya. may Allah bless and ease the suffering of our muslem brothers and sisters all around the globe. amiin.

so how was your Eid? I hope you had so much fun with the 3F. families, friends, and the foods! :)

I appreciate your effort to find me in each photo! hee! none of these pictures were taken using my camera because my camera was ugly af. I used to whine but now I choose to not to over complain about it because earlier I say there are people who suffer more and at least I can use friend's camera what. hee!

PS: di kesempatan ini, saya mau minta maaf zahir dan batin daripada semua pembaca blog Ichigo by Erna Ziana sekiranya saya pernah melakukan kesilapan terhadap kamu semua terutama daripada kawan-kawan yang pernah satu sekolah dengan saya, yang memang stalker saya, atau yang kebetulan terjumpa blog saya ni. saya minta maaf  sangat-sangat dengan rasa sangat hina saya mohon kemaafan daripada kamu sekiranya saya pernah melakukan kesalahan. memaafkan orang sebelum tidur itu sifat saya dengan harapan semoga dengan memaafkan orang lain, orang lain juga memaafkan saya.

MABU and TTFN, assalamualaikum :)

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