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Saturday, October 25, 2014


I love to say that recently I learnt to treasure, to love, and to appreciate. I feel like I've been receiving too much love lately then I think that there is a need for gratitude. syukur alhamdulillah. I am very grateful for every little things that happen to me, both good and bad.

I am grateful for my loving parents. I must thank them for being such an awesome mom and daddy for me. now I see, they may not (or cannot) give me everything that I want, but there they are.... always trying very hard to provide all my need. how can I be so blind for so long? I can't believe I'm typing this with tears. I love my mom and dad so much.

I made some new friends recently (or actually it was them who make friends with me) and I must say I love meeting new people. I got to know who are my true friends and who are those who doesn't give a fuck about anything. I might not be a good friend for everyone but at least I'm true. I don't do friend for benefits and hypocrite. disgusting youu. I may look like I don't care, but I'm not stupid. 

however, this is not a serious entry ah!! I type this with chillax mood okay except in which paragraph I talked about mammy daddy I get emo a bit LOLOL.

of course lah YAKIN, LOLOL!

hey sexy-eyed boy that I love so much, I know it was hard for you to handle my cuteness everyday LOLOL. please bear with my cuteness and craziness for many more years okay? because I would always love Hello Kitty and I don't mind to be a kid at heart and act like one to annoy you as long as I'm alive. 

hey pretty-loving boy that I miss so much, I know I'm a bit stubborn but you've been such darling. your comments were always right on the ball, and you've been always supportive and understanding. thank you for always be there for me through thick and thin. I want you to know that you've been awesome. 

today is 25/10. happy monthsary my baby BENNY, I love you! I know right now you must be STILL undergoing your air force's training but I hope you'll read this sooner! you know I miss you so much! I hope I would always bring happiness to your life as how you constantly sprinkle tons of joy on mine, and I hope you poop everyday because in the matter of fact poop-ing everyday is good for you :) shit twice is better LOLOL!

ai miss chu soo much ai kenot wait to meet you tomorrow chuu noeee ai kennotttt!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

bapa curiosity

I am very pleased to tell you guys that recently bapa got me a car! for some moments in my life when bapa surprised me that night, I'd say I am the happiest girl in the world. I  finally have to-worry-no-more about the transportation problems that I faced almost forever. thank you daddyyy!

if you read my previous entry you'd know I don't know how to drive. well, actually not really. I know but I no champ lah like you. so it was yesterday early morning, bapa took me to-drive-better-lesson but before we get started we shall have breakfast first, right? yah!

we stopped at a roadside food stall. there were a group of young men waiting for their food to be served. a quarter minutes later, a group of families come over and they sat at the table next right to me and bapa. atmosphere on the day was good, as well as the food! after we finish our meal, bapa comes up with his silly questions like usual, I knew he'd started it again!

"kalau ikan kan, dorang berlari kah berenang?"

what? -_-

"berenang lah"

"kalau dorang lari, istilah yang kena pakai berenang juga?" (e.g: you know when you approach a fish in an aquarium, sometimes the ikan go away hiding behind the stone, kan?)

"iyaaaa ^_^"

"ikan ni pandai penat kah?". no doubt, I aswered "pandai lah"

with curiosity and high volume bapa asked, "kalau ikan penat, dorang berpeluh kah???"

ok kill me now. I can feel pairs of eyes looking at us like neither I or bapa is stupid. this crazy daddy of mine, he always has something ridiculous to say. however, we ended the conversation with giggling to each other like we love to be looked like such idiot.

as bapa pay the bill, I thought my drive-better-lesson is now started. but I was wrong when bapa drove the car heading up to the town and parked in front of a shop selling car goods and accessories. 

"jom kita cari sticker untuk lekat di kereta ni" said bapa.

with less agree, I respond bapa with "eee, sticker apa?" because I don't want bapa spoiled my car with nonsense wording stickers like what he did to our myvi previously.

"hello kitty lah

I jump out from the car instantly LOLOL.

I have the craziest yet the best daddy, ever.

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