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Friday, July 25, 2014

happy monthsary

"bukan seorang yang romantik"

one of the things that Ben told me about him in the early weeks of our introduction about ourselves. I remember at the beginning of relationship, Ben and I respectively act very macho, polite and cool. we talked more about serious things, life, views and discussing about each other perspectives because he is really not that romantic (LOL). the way how he talks makes me think that he was such a very serious person which is very contrary  to me and I might die boring.

aku kan jiwang (LOL). but I actually liked that.

I like to know that I have someone who is way more matured than me. Ben is a very forward-thinker person I ever met. he loves to think about so many things and future, constantly thinks and talks to me about what obstacles or problems that might hit in between in life, and we must be prepared for everything, practically asked me to join the club. to be a well prepared person on earth evahh.

and I love to know that, he is actually so sweet.

he just not realize he was doing it. I love how he text me first and check me up every night, I love to hear him playing the guitar and sing a song for me and every time he looks in my eyes, my heart melted over and over again. and what I really love is he gave me attention without me asking, and day by day, our conversation is getting fun. the child in him finally started to shine and I liked that! you know finally to see someone yang serius rupanya gila juga.

recently Ben sang a song for me, Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold which is not really related to us except yes we are much too far way now so basically Ben sang the song to express his hope that God would hold me when he is not around? that is so sweet hahaha.

"we all need the one who can be true to you"

I am glad it was me, and YOU.

sayang this is you without neck hahaha!

within this month, I wrote down some of the sweetest and funny things that Ben had said to me. I did this at first because I have nothing to do but then I found it was hilarious to recall back some of the things. I shorten, these are the ten things that he said to me.

1. I love you so "muchi-muchi". 
yes he created that so "muchi-muchi" things. so annoying yet so cutee kan hahaha.

2. sayang, I really miss you. 
I miss you too!

3. always think positive. 
those day I felt so down. he tried to lift me up, and he did.

4. aku mau jadi Super Saiya. 

5. you are the only one I want.
do you know how sexy it is when your lover being so selfish?

6. I want to own a transformer.
I am a proud girl to date a very ambitious boy.

7. sayang, aku baru gunting rambut. handsome kah?
hahaha! I remember my tummy got a little ache laughing on skype.

8. I am very happy with you.
I put this here because I don't want to forget that you are once happy with me.

9. you are so cute.
thank you Ben. you are so sweet.

10. mata aku seksi kan yunk?
hahaha entah lah this boy of mine. I've just got to say yes.

yes because, I love that boy ;)

I love the way how we keep each other updated during this semester break through any existing social apps. it is just feel so good to know the person that you love are always thinking about you too and stay connected! I can't wait to see you in real, Ben. I miss you more than I can say.

happy monthsary. I love you!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

life update

not latest photo btw
hey you gais. I just suddenly feel the urge to write today and talk about random things. 

these few days I'm facing sleep problem. I hit my sack early (around 10pm I was already sleepy) but then woke up too early (too) and was not able to sleep again after that. during the day I feel very tired because of not getting enough sleep. I also suffering a slight fever and headache at night, like almost every night but during the day the fever and headache heal itself.

remember at my previous post I said I got like four piles of dirty clothes to be washed? well it is actually five piles all together. I have washed them all last week, it took me two days to be all done. washing, drying, folding, hanging, and put some of them into the luggage. I feel great because doing laundry is not my favorite.

hows your Eid's preparation? mine is moving very slow. beads on my baju raya still half way sewn, I have not made any cookies yet (even the easiest and simplest one), have not buy the ingredients to make a cake, and have not planned what to cook for this raya. I hope mammy would buy some jar of cookies from her aunt (she made and sells raya cookies, sangat sedap). the ceiling of my house is now being repaired so I can't even arrange the sofa and do some cleaning because house is just filled with white dust everywhere. its been three days since last Monday. I hope the repair work would be done asap. I miss hanging out in the hall watching TV, without inhaling white dust of course.

I missed all my cousins and nieces. I hope they would come to my house during raya and hang out here much longer. so long I did not hear any cutie pie calling me "kakak Ana". until last night I went to my grandparents house, one of my niece called me that than I realize I miss to be surround with all  of my cousins and nieces like we ever did before. I miss all my friends too! 

frankly I was very uninspired to live these days. you know those days that you just feel like you don't want to live? but I'm grateful for my parents, grandparents, family, my cats, and my boyfriend because at least they gave me reasons to continue living. even without they realizing it.

I hate how people could take the person they love for granted. I hate people who favor their friends more than their family and lover. just because our family and lover would always there for us and forgive us for whatever we did to them doesn't mean we can take them for granted. I believe there is a way how to appreciate our friends, and it is a must to appreciate every single things that happen in friendship. but people just tend to forget how to appreciate and tend to hurt the people they say they love. people should learn to appreciate everyone, dammit. learn it from the books if necessary. 

my talk is getting longer and serious. I shall stop here. happy Eid's in advance, everyone!

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