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Monday, August 25, 2014

happy monthsary

boy you're dope. I love you so much! happy monthsary!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

five things about me #1

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1. I am blind as bat. I started wearing glasses since eight but I hate using it. don't expect me to say hello if you see me wandering around everywhere, without glasses of course. datang dekat sikit at least two meters can ah? because I'm so rabun liddat.

2. my love for ice cream is real. I can eat ice cream at any hours; during breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, anytime after midnight, without having stomach ache. my favorite is chocolate mints, cookies and cream flavor with sliced kiwi. 

3. I started to blog in 2009. I make and design my own blog skin, which what I'm interested more than writing a blog. I think it is cool to use your very own blog skin with hello kitty stuff everywhere, those time, I was 16. 

4. my favorite color is yellow. I see all items in yellow is pretty ass. but some friends mistakenly think my favorite color is pink. because pink and I are both cute, LOL. but I must say I have a lot of small pinky stuff. I cannot say I hate pink tho.

5. I am not that type of girl who could easily have a crush on celebrity. but once in time somehow I have a little crush on Sebastian Stan. the one who you probably might don't have any idea about who he is.

portrays Bucky in  the feature film Captain America. now you know? 

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