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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

bapa curiosity

I am very pleased to tell you guys that recently bapa got me a car! for some moments in my life when bapa surprised me that night, I'd say I am the happiest girl in the world. I  finally have to-worry-no-more about the transportation problems that I faced almost forever. thank you daddyyy!

if you read my previous entry you'd know I don't know how to drive. well, actually not really. I know but I no champ lah like you. so it was yesterday early morning, bapa took me to-drive-better-lesson but before we get started we shall have breakfast first, right? yah!

we stopped at a roadside food stall. there were a group of young men waiting for their food to be served. a quarter minutes later, a group of families come over and they sat at the table next right to me and bapa. atmosphere on the day was good, as well as the food! after we finish our meal, bapa comes up with his silly questions like usual, I knew he'd started it again!

"kalau ikan kan, dorang berlari kah berenang?"

what? -_-

"berenang lah"

"kalau dorang lari, istilah yang kena pakai berenang juga?" (e.g: you know when you approach a fish in an aquarium, sometimes the ikan go away hiding behind the stone, kan?)

"iyaaaa ^_^"

"ikan ni pandai penat kah?". no doubt, I aswered "pandai lah"

with curiosity and high volume bapa asked, "kalau ikan penat, dorang berpeluh kah???"

ok kill me now. I can feel pairs of eyes looking at us like neither I or bapa is stupid. this crazy daddy of mine, he always has something ridiculous to say. however, we ended the conversation with giggling to each other like we love to be looked like such idiot.

as bapa pay the bill, I thought my drive-better-lesson is now started. but I was wrong when bapa drove the car heading up to the town and parked in front of a shop selling car goods and accessories. 

"jom kita cari sticker untuk lekat di kereta ni" said bapa.

with less agree, I respond bapa with "eee, sticker apa?" because I don't want bapa spoiled my car with nonsense wording stickers like what he did to our myvi previously.

"hello kitty lah

I jump out from the car instantly LOLOL.

I have the craziest yet the best daddy, ever.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

snippet of september

new sem has begun. time passes so fast, I'm in the third semester already. it was a bad luck for me for didn't managed to get a placement in the hostel. however, very lucky at the same time because mom has bought me a house years ago and; she has been talking about it since  I was 17, saying that she'll let me live there when it is time; then NOW IS THE TIME. 

I can’t thank her enough for this biggest gift ever. I must say I am so excited about living in so called my very own house because it’s been one of my dream that someday I will move into an apartment, take a glass of juice for breakfast, wake up every day before the sun really rises to have a great ride on a bicycle while listening to some happy song. 

for this moment I don’t own a bicycle lah. but what the most happiest ever is, "my house my rules" and I can cook my food everyday.

I thank this boy for his sweetness and make it easier for me to go to class (and almost everywhere) everyday. read about my transportation problems in the previous post.

friend’s mom come from Kota Bharu to KK and I let them stay at my house for few days. 

went to a movie date with the boy. I hope we can do this some more.

asked the boy to buy a pink casing for his iphone because, his girlfriend loves pink.

that was me and dirah doing breakfast selfie. I love making breakfast. I have no idea how people function without having breakfast. how can you ah?!

I bought a new pair of contact lenses. I hate my new pair of contact lenses.

lots of selfie during kuliah, of course.

lots of outing and selfie with the boy, too.

the boy treated me a special dinner on our monthsary.

accompany the boy to send his cousin to airport.

I wish to have Hawa, Shikin, and Noy on this bed. make it fasterrrrr girl-friends!

I hope mama would come and sleepover at my house often. I miss mama already.

rindu momoy too. aaaa, aku mahu balik rumahhh. I want to kiss those nose and all the small noses that I left at my home! kissing a cat could really relieve my anxiety and makes me happy. nothing more I can say about this. lagilagi kalau kucing tu tengok mata kita macam mintak kena kiss lagi tu aaaaaaa.

mama sent me this photo last night. we got new cute babies! I'm very excited to go back home this weekend to kiss them all!

the boy and I very first selfie together of this sem. love that boy so much tho we get into banyak salah faham and rubbish fights but then don’t mind lah that we both got super grumpy for somedays in this month. lesson learned. we’d choose to always remember the good stuff :)

also, the boy was the sweetest ever when he said, “baby you are now my purpose to live”, with elaboration why it was me, of course . I wrote this because that is the sweetest thing that someone ever told me and I would never let the boy to forget that, I AM HIS PURPOSE TO LIVE FTWWW.

Ben, dalam masa beberapa tahun akan datang kita akan baca balik blog ni dan ketawa bersama-sama.

I finally make a purpose why I should keep this blog. hehek!

happy October 1st, everyone :)

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